Petrobras Meets Construction Deadlines for a US$15 Billion Refinery with Use of a Project Management Tool

Petrobras is Brazil’s largest company—and one of the largest in the world—working to extract, produce, refine, sell, and transport oil, derivatives, natural gas, biofuels, electricity, and other renewable energy sources. The public company, whose major shareholder is the Brazilian government, has more than 100 drilling platforms, 16 refineries, and 6,000 gas stations in 28 countries.

To meet demand for diesel in the domestic market, mainly in the northeastern region of the Brazil, Petrobras needed to construct the Abreu Lima refinery on time and to stay within its US$15 billion budget. To meet this goal, Petrobras adopted Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, acquiring an integrated, real-time view of the project with online access for multiple users—from the project supervisor to company executives. With the implementation, Petrobras acquired the ability to collect information regarding 190,000 activities that would be executed by approximately 40 partners throughout the construction. In addition, the company implemented Primavera Risk Analysis to avoid missed deadlines and excessive costs by calculating the probability of meeting deadlines and assessing which activities require attention.


•  Integrate supplementary expense schedules for the construction of the Abreu Lima oil refinery project, involving 40,000 people and a total of 190,000 activities

•  Adopt a project management solution with online access to easily consolidate updates from nearly 40 partners—such as builders and suppliers of material and equipment

•  Enable project managers and company executives to obtain control over the progress of refinery projects, which represent an investment of US$15 billion

A word from Petrobras

"Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management seamlessly integrates the 190,000 activities performed by 40 partners in the field during construction of the Abreu Lima refinery. With this tool, our supervisors, managers, and executives have a complete view of what is happening on the site and can effectively manage the project deadlines."

– Ricardo Távora, Engineering Planning and Control Manager for the construction of the refinery, Petrobras


•  Adopted Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, to monitor 40 partners involved in the construction of the Abreu Lima refinery in the State of Pernambuco

•  Used the tool’s online capabilities to collect information regarding 190,000 activities to be performed in the field by the partners until construction is completed

•  Provided a detailed, real-time, and online view for various projects to multiple users—from project supervisors to company executives—enabling effective monitoring of each project stage

•  Ensured information security by controlling access—as each partner can view only its respective project element—while providing a consolidated view to Petrobras executives, so they can deal with unexpected events and accurately assess charges in case of missed deadlines

•  Used Primavera Risk Analysis to calculate the probability of meeting deadlines, assess which activities require attention to avoid missed deadlines and excessive costs, and determine risks and impacts for each planning change to ensure refinery construction is not delayed

•  Integrated operating schedules for 190,000 activities associated with long-term project phases, clarifying the consequences of changes and enabling administrators to take preventative action to mitigate any negative impact on project completion

•  Enabled quick development of weekly reports to support managerial decisions, ensuring assertive and realistic deadline management

Oracle Product and Services

     •  Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

     •  Primavera Risk Analysis

Why Oracle

Petrobras chose Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management because it is the only tool on the market capable of integrating nearly 180 small projects involved in the big oil refinery project—with each initiative maintaining its own schedule.

“Our construction involves approximately 40 large partner organizations—including builders and suppliers—and we require constant and effective monitoring with Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management to meet our deadlines,” said Ricardo Távora, engineering planning and control manager for the construction of the refinery, Petrobras.