CPqD Cuts Project Monitoring Time Approximately 75% with Project Portfolio Management Solution

CPqD develops innovative information and communication technologies for large Brazilian companies and institutions in the telecommunications, utility, financial, industrial manufacturing, and public administration sectors. Founded in 1976, CPqD runs the largest research and development program in its field in Latin America. Its goal is to contribute to the country’s competitiveness and greater digital inclusion in society, bringing product technologies, critical mission systems, and associated consulting services to the market.

Faced with a great expansion of its activities and an increase in the number of projects and customers, CPqD decided to implement a solution that would provide the company with more efficient and centralized project management.

CPqD deployed Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web Services to achieve total control of its portfolio of projects, including those of the greatest complexity. With a total of 154 licenses implemented, CPqD today has a long-term view of project planning and can accurately measure the resources it has available for each project. It is also able to precisely monitor each project’s costs, demands, and deliverables.


•  Achieve a shared view of all available resources to ensure efficient IT and telecommunications project portfolio monitoring and management

•  Increase information accuracy by creating a single system to bring together data, status, indicators, and scope for each project during all phases, while reducing the time needed to collect information

•  Improve the way the company distributes its resources for each of the IT and telecommunications projects it develops for its customers, thus raising productivity and avoiding shortages or oversupply of resources (for example, labor)

•  Improve IT and telecommunications project control as well as predictability by ensuring the company can identify potential bottlenecks and delays in advance

A word from CPqD

“Before we implemented Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web Services, we did not have a truly corporate view of projects. Our project monitoring was decentralized and restricted to each coordinator. With the Oracle solution, we achieved actual shared management, more control, and budgets that stay within projections. Oracle’s Primavera application is one of our most important management tools and is completely linked to the success of our projects and, consequently, our business.”

– Márcio Alexandre da Silva, IT Department Project Coordinator, CPqD


•  Worked with Oracle partner Verano to implement Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web Services and obtained a centralized and shared view of its entire project portfolio and available resources, as well as the ability to map, identify, and anticipate all risks associated with a project

•  Gained the ability to more effectively identify how employees are allocated, enabling managers to increase or reduce resources based on project scope as well as to secure the resources required for unexpected projects and demands

•  Reduced the time needed to collect project data and indicators by approximately 75%—from 16 to 4 hours per week—as the new tool automated and centralized collection, so that coordinators no longer manually compile information that was spread among various systems

•  Improved effectiveness of monitoring each project’s status, which aids managers in making informed decisions that are aligned with the company’s strategic objectives, such as in determining which projects should be made high priority at any given time

•  Enabled generating immediate and comprehensive activity reports—including the use of customized templates and wizards—which are frequently requested by various company departments, such as the quality control team and the executive board

Oracle Product and Services

     •  Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

     •  Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web Services

Why Oracle

“Oracle’s Primavera is an essential tool for our day-to-day business, and I notice the effort Oracle makes to constantly innovate and to add more functionality in an increasingly shorter period of time,” said Márcio Alexandre da Silva, IT department project coordinator, CPqD.