Concremat Engenharia Improves Management and Performance of Engineering Projects and Enterprises
Concremat Engenharia is one of Brazil’s largest engineering consulting companies.
Its services cover all phases of project development, from feasibility studies to final construction.
The company has over 3,600 collaborators and provides management consulting services for large-scale civil engineering projects and enterprises in Brazil through eleven regional branches, as well as abroad.


•  Create a technological environment to consolidate and ensure the integrity of information used in decentralized operations at eleven regional offices and more than 20 highly complex projects, spread across Brazil and abroad

•  Improve engineering project and environmental impact study management and performance

•  Achieve instant visibility into each civil construction project’s status to detect and avoid budget and deadline deviations

A word from Concremat Engenharia

“With Oracle’s Primavera solutions, we quickly and efficiently manage some of Brazil’s largest civil construction projects, as well as engineering projects abroad, such as hydroelectric, metallurgical, and mining complexes.”

– Alexandre Dittert, Expertise Executive Director, Concremat Engenharia


•  Worked with Oracle Partner Verano Engenharia e Sistemas to implement Oracle’s Primavera solutions, achieving a secure and centralized management environment that ensures the company applies market practices

•  Used Primavera P6 Professional Project Management to collect and store engineering project information generated by Concremat, reducing the risk of data loss experienced when data was on computers at each civil construction site

•  Ensured real-time online engineering project monitoring from anywhere in the world, improving time and resource management and reducing unforeseen costs or expenses exceeding what’s stipulated for each project

•  Achieved consolidated real-time visibility of hours worked by professionals on each project, using the timesheet solution

•  Used an automated calendar that sends deadline alerts, facilitating concluding engineering projects within planned time periods

Oracle Product and Services

     •  Primavera P6 Professional Project Management

     •  Primavera Contract Management

     •  Primavera P6 Progress Reporter